Halloween Horror Fest: Celebrating Duane Jones’ Performance

In his filmography of nine acting credits, Duane Jones made the biggest impact of his on-screen career in the 1968 picture “Night of the Living Dead,” where he held the starring role of Ben. His work in the film marked the first time an African American held a leading part as a protagonist in the…
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Monday Movie Report: NY Film Festival Ends With Ang Lee Film, De Niro Award

The 54th New York Film Festival closed this weekend, but not before announcing an award for legendary actor Robert De Niro and screening a film from Oscar winning director Ang Lee. According to Variety, the Film Society of Lincoln Center named De Niro as the winner of the 44th Chaplin Award. De Niro, a two…
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Halloween Horror Fest: Celebrating Max Von Sydow’s Performance

Few shots in the horror genre are more iconic than Father Merrin, played by Max von Sydow, arriving to battle a demon in “The Exorcist.” The moment is quiet, and acts like a calm before the storm while also telling the audience a lot about the character. Merrin is stoic in stature and isn’t backing down from…
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Halloween Horror Fest: Celebrating Boris Karloff’s Performance

In the decades old genre of horror, many villainous characters have been silent. However, no one can forget the original, Frankenstein’s monster. In the 1931 classic, the Monster was brought to life fantastically by legendary actor Boris Karloff. The same way Bela Lugosi gave an iconic look and tone to the character Dracula, Karloff made…
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REVIEW: Lackluster Mystery, Dull Acting Sends ‘Girl On The Train’ Off The Rails

A complex murder mystery unravels in “The Girl on the Train,” a movie that starts off with a scene based on the title. Emily Blunt plays a divorcee named Rachel, a woman struggling with alcoholism who rides a train through New York state on a daily basis in a sort of daze. On a day-to-day basis,…
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