Monday Movie Report: Oscars Foreign Language Category Adds First Contenders

Award season might still be a few weeks away but Oscar contenders are already being submitted overseas. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Italy has selected “Fire at Sea” for its entry in the Foreign-Language Category at the upcoming Academy Awards. The film is a documentary that has already won an accolade, picking up the Berlin…
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REVIEW: Not A Western Classic, But “Magnificent Seven” Is A Fun Shoot ’Em Up

It’s a “Training Day” reunion in this western remake, with Director Antoine Fuqua teaming up with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke once again. This edition of “The Magnificent Seven” follows the same formula as the 1960 picture as well as the 1954 movie “Seven Samurai.” Denzel Washington plays a lawman named Chisolm who’s convinced to…
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REVIEW: ‘Blair Witch’ Has A Few Thrills, But Not As Memorable As Its 90s Counterpart

This true sequel to the 1999 found footage picture brings audiences back to a familiar place, and that’s not just in reference to the location. On top of the movie’s setting, this edition also borrows heavily from the first film’s formula. Ignoring the 2000 film “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2,” this flick opts to…
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REVIEW: ‘Hell Or High Water,’ A Modern Western And An Instant Classic

There’s been many good films released in 2016, but “Hell or High Water” is the first I can really call great. The movie follows the Howard brothers, an ex-convict/roughneck Tanner (Ben Foster) and a divorced dad, Toby (Chris Pine). While the two are on good terms, they don’t exactly have the same way of doing…
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Monday Movie Report: ‘La La Land’ Wins Over Toronto International Film Festival

The 41st Toronto International Film Festival wrapped up its 10-day event with an award ceremony Sunday. One of the festival’s most prestigious honors, the People’s Choice Award, was given to “La La Land,” a movie starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and J.K. Simmons, according to the TIFF website. The Damien Chazelle directed film is a…
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