Monday Movie Report: The Plan To Replace Kevin Spacey In ‘All The Money In The World’

As a result of sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey, Director Ridley Scott and Sony Pictures have opted to fire the actor for the film “All the Money in the World” and replace him with Christopher Plummer.

According to Variety, the move will be both challenging and add potentially millions of dollars to the film’s budget. Variety reports that the process will include re-shoots, post-production and the creation of new marketing material such as trailers.

Spacey was set to play the billionaire J. Paul Getty in the picture, set for release on Dec. 22. The movie tells the story of the kidnapping of Getty’s grandson and the subsequent efforts to rescue him.

Variety reports that re-shooting Spacey’s initial work will take 10 days at most and will cost roughly $10 million. The process will also require costars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams to come back on set to work with Plummer.

Variety’s article states that Plummer is not expected to do a lot of work on a green screen for digital insertion in the movie. According to Variety, the goal is to have everything finished by Dec. 15.

It was also noted in Variety’s story that this type of re-shoot is quite rare in Hollywood. The publication reported that this appears to be “the first time an actor’s off-screen scandal has so threatened to overshadow a project that needed to be retooled and completed under such a tight deadline.”

The news comes at a time of multiple sexual harassment accusations across Hollywood. In roughly the past month, allegations have come about toward Louis C.K., Dustin Hoffman and Brett Ratner. Another example of a product being effected by the news was C.K.’s picture “I Love You, Daddy” being taken offline by higher ups.

Once finished with reworking, Variety reports that the Motion Picture Association of America will re-watch the flick. Additionally, the Dec. 15 finishing date for re-shoots will make it difficult for Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild voters to see it.

At the box office this weekend, “Thor: Ragnarok” was once again dominant, taking in more than $56 million in total. The amount was well over the second place finisher and newcomer, “Daddy’s Home 2,” which snagged $30 million.

The full top five was:
1. Thor: Ragnarok – $56,600,000
2. Daddy’s Home 2 – $30,000,000
3. Murder on the Orient Express – $28,200,000
4. A Bad Moms Christmas – $11,510,000
5. Jigsaw – $3,420,000

The top five will likely get a new No. 1 this coming weekend, though, as the superhero team-up film “Justice League” hits theaters. Another new release this week is the family drama “Wonder.”

For the small screen, meanwhile, new home release titles include:

  • Wind River, ATMR Rating: 4.5 out of 5, Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 87%, 2017 Top 10.
  • Atomic Blonde, ATMR Rating: 2.8 out of 5, Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 76%
  • Nut Job 2, Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 9%
  • Brigsby Bear, Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80%